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Season 1 - Russian Roulette

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On an October night in 1996, a gunshot rattles the walls of a double-wide trailer on the outskirts of Rome, Georgia. 15-year-old Brian Bowling is laying on the floor of his room, head bleeding from a gunshot wound. By the next morning, Brian is dead. Investigators quickly conclude that Brian’s wound was self-inflicted, the tragic result of teenage bravado. And yet within six months, two friends are arrested and accused of plotting to kill Brian. Cain Joshua Storey and Darrell Lee Clark are convicted and sentenced to life in prison, where they remain today. An evil teenage plot? Or a blatant miscarriage of justice? In this first season of PROOF, Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis drive the back roads of Rome, searching for the truth.

NEwest Episode

Home at Last

When they were 17 years old, Lee Clark and Joshua Cain Storey were wrongfully convicted of murdering Brian Bowling. On Thursday, December 8, 2022 they were exonerated of that murder conviction and walked out of jail as free men. Full update episode with new interviews from Lee and Josh will release on Monday, December 19th.

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